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TAZ Entertainment

TAZ Entertainment promotes the WA performing arts scene and has been operating since 2005, focusing primarily but not exclusively on the community and independent theatre and music scenes.

TAZ Tix Phone Enquiries & Bookings:

TAZ Tix has been providing a national online and phone bookings service for various theatres and venues Australia wide since 2008, utilising various online booking platforms including SABO (Seat Advisor Box Office), TicketSearch and TicketThis.

We pride ourselves on quality customer service, patrons have a ‘real’ person to deal with over the phone if required and we work with and alongside our clients providing not only a complete and secure booking service, we also include promotion of your events.

We don’t replace your publicity, we’re an added extra included when you work with TAZ Tix.

“Performing Arts = The Creative Sport”

TAZ Tix Testimonials – download here

For our eastern states clients, the added benefit for you is that we are here later in the day for you due to the time difference.  Your patrons might have forgotten to call during their lunch break and are now home after work.  It could be after normal business hours and 7pm AEST but in the west, we’d still be here.

In these Covid times we’ve been able to deliver effectively and efficiently on all extra demands required including spacing seats, notifications to patrons when the show may have canceled or rescheduled and of course processing refunds to patrons when and if required.

We proudly follow high ethics, delivery and Live Performance Australia’s Code of Ticketing.

TAZ Playwrights

Booking agent for some of WA’s talented playwrights. These award winning playwrights are well recognised throughout Western Australia, and some internationally.

Watch this space- more info on these playwrights coming soon.

TAZ Virtual Assistant

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