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Show Genre Type Characters Location/Time Warnings Running Time
Hypnome Thriller One Act 2m, 2f Lounge Room.
Adult themes,
mild adult language
This one act play is set in the 1950’s in a suburban lounge room.
Mrs Whetters does like to dote on her boarder; a hypnotist whom we later learn has some disturbing habits.
When he abuses his position he gets a little more than he bargained for.
Hypnome is a drama with a comic twist.
 Death Warmed Up  Black Comedy 2 Acts  3m, 3f  Office.
Present Day. 
nil  120min 
This black comedy of unexpected proportions, takes a light-hearted look at the funeral industry from inside the State Cemeteries Administration Board (affectionately known as SCAB) office. Based on the real occurrences of life at the cemetery, this play covers many aspects of death and funerals which most people only come into contact with on the occasion of the death of a family member.

This play, which also deals with typical office relationships, will make audiences laugh and reflect. The staff reactions to the unusual way people want to be remembered open up entrepreneurial opportunities for a cash strapped cemetery. 
Meals Warmed Up Black Comedy 2 Acts 3m, 5f Kitchen.
Present Day
nil 120min
A delicious play of full course proportions.

Set in a ‘Meals on Wheels’ kitchen, the play follows the antics of the cooks and support staff of a busy kitchen.
The kitchen manager, Roger, is regarded as a pirate by his new boss, Claudette and the battle lines are set early in the play. Roger must grapple with dissatisfied staff, clients and management and somehow be creative to triumph at the end of the play. A black comedy of gastronomic proportions.

A Lovely Lobster Tale Comedy 2 Acts 4m, 2f Fish Shack.
Present Day.
nil 105min
A Lovely Lobster Tale follows the story of a shy lobster fisherman and his desire for a beautiful woman whom visits his beach.  Reggie the beach bum manages to do his share of helping move this light hearted comedy on its way. The pace picks up when well-meaning visitors from the city add to the flavour of this plot.
Adapted from John Gills ‘Lovelife of a Crayfish’ with permission from the author.

The Culpeper Code Historical,
Sci-Fi ,Romantic Comedy
2 Acts 5m, 3f London. 1640
and Present Day.
nil 85-90min
A comedy of historical hysterical proportions.
In 1640 London, Nicholas Culpeper has developed a secret blend of herbs which have interesting powers over men… and women. Today in Perth, Graham from Culpeper’s is desperately trying to crack the code and discover the secret.

Free Coffee For The Driver Drama One Act 1m, 2f
+ 1m cameo
Remote Cafe.
Present Day.
Coarse language.
Adult themes.
A one act drama with a comedy twist.

Set in a remote country café, two weary travellers stop for a meal. Clearly they are at odds with each other. Slowly, Julie the waitress pieces together the bizarre relationship and then the action really starts. This dark drama has a hint of black comedy.
Life & A Bottle Of Tomato Sauce Drama One Act 4m or 4f Asian Jail.
Present Day.
Coarse language.
Adult themes.
This dark drama is set in an Asian prison cell. There is doing time and doing it tough. Follows the plight of the rich kid with the street wise cell mate and how they cope with abusive jailors.
Bathing in India 101 Comedy One Act 2m India.
Present Day.
nil 20 min
The play takes place in India after two weary travellers; Ranjit and Lesley arrive at Ranjit’s remote family village. Ranjit shows his friend from Australia what life is like there.

A lovely fun comedy for two males and how to bathe in India along with a crash course in Indian etiquette.


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About the Playwright:

Stephan returned to community theatre in 2004 which lead to a meeting with the talented playwright and director Di Day whom recruited Stephan as her Stage Manager for her production produced at The Blue Room (WA) in the same year.

Inspired by Di’s success, Stephan went on to write many plays including the Warmed Up series “Death Warmed Up”, “Meals Warmed Up” to name a couple, which have all been performed at the KADS Theatre in Kalamunda, Western Australia.

Stephan is a committed playwright, director and actor and has performed in productions at KADS, Garrick, Blak Yak and Marloo theatres, having also received numerous nominations and awards for his writing, set design and acting.