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Show Genre Type Characters Location/Time Warnings Running Time
SMS Mess Comedy Monologue 1f Anywhere.
Late 1990s – Now
Some offensive language.
MA 15+
SMS Mess is a short, one-woman show that explores the pitfalls of text messaging.
Using comedy to highlight what happens when text messaging goes wrong, the play is about Kate’s journey of realisation as she finds there is perhaps a better way to communicate when playing the dating game. SMS Mess is ideal for an actress who is looking to showcase herself with a quirky monologue. It requires only a few props and a minimal set.
 Which One?  Comedy One Act  3m, 1f  Anywhere.
Present Day. 
Some language.
MA 15+
Three students live together in a messy house. Jason says a woman wouldn’t stay five minutes. Bill and Nathan disagree and have a bet. If a woman stays longer than five minutes they win; if she leaves they lose. As it happens, a female acquaintance of Jason’s needs help with an assignment. That evening Coralie arrives. Jason is actually interested in her. As he makes the move, Nathan and Bill come back from the pub after having a few. They rib him so much Jason picks a fight with Bill.

Nathan is left with Coralie and tries to make the move on her, but Bill comes back from the fight, interrupting him. Coralie, worried about Jason, sends Nathan out to look for him, leaving her and Bill alone. Bill makes the move on her, but the other two come back and interrupt. Coralie leaves to ‘powder her nose’ leaving the guys to argue. In the midst of their debate, she returns – in bondage and discipline clothes. She tells them she wants them all and ties them up. She then leaves; she actually prefers the older man next door.
 Reality Matters Drama One Act  2m + voice Anywhere.
Reality Matters has been written to be performed almost anywhere, requiring no set – just the two actors on stage.
It’s a slightly surreal piece, as one character is forced to question his own perception of reality when an enigmatic character starts to strip away his many masks, forcing him to think outside the square for a moment. The piece is left open-ended as to whether the events occur for real or in the main character’s mind.

 King Bling Teenage/
Young Adult
One Act  2m, 2f Anywhere.
nil 20min 
King Bling is designed for a young adult/teenage audience, highlighting the message of how to manage their money.
Given the subject matter, King Bling has been written with an urban edge in a hip-hop context, to capture their attention, matching education with entertainment. Other quirky characters are included, also providing occasional moments of comedy. It’s envisioned this play easily be done on a standard stage but also a school gymnasium floor, almost as if it’s done in the round – it has been written so the director can freely adapt the piece to wherever it’s being staged.
 Appetite For Destruction Drama One Act
1m, 4m/f Anywhere.
Modern Day. 
Appetite for Destruction is an almost one-man piece about the character’s inner turmoil over his weight. Yet he is not fat – he is thin by most people’s standards. But he used to be fat… and this has caused major dilemmas in his mind down the track, as he fights all the desires to eat while trying to live up to some impossible ideal male body. The audience is privy to what goes on in his mind and this is embellished by a chorus of four that occasionally interacts with the main character.

 The Bonza Land of Oz Childrens One Act
4m, 4f
+ extras
nil 10min 
The Bonza Land of Oz is a play designed to give children acting experience while highlighting that other cultures are embraced in Australia with different aspects becoming part of our way of life, whether it’s some of their cuisine, fashion or cultural event.
A short, quirky play, it has elements of humour and has been written with no set in mind, allowing it to be performed in most environments. But directors can add set dressing if they wish, depending on the space, cast and budget available.
 Who’s Your Daddy Adult Comedy One Act  1m, 2f  Anywhere.
MA Rating
Adult Language
Who’s Your Daddy is a tale of a failed 80s popstar – who completely loves himself – on the comeback trail, followed by an obsessed fan and cynical music journalist. Can he score another major hit while on his shopping centre tour? Or does his move and groove not just cut it anymore.
 Pickles Black Comedy One Act
1m or 1f  Anywhere.
Minor Swearing 10min 
Pickles follows the story of a family so wrapped up in their day-to-day lives they don’t know what hidden dangers may be lying in wait from others in their street.
It’s an opportunity for actors to play five different roles in the same script, challenging them to convey different characterisations, including a small boy, elderly lady, emo teenager, bored housewife and frustrated husband.


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About the Playwright:

Born in Perth, Western Australia, Chris Thomas is a writer, actor, journalist and broadcaster who has developed diverse experience in these areas over several years.

He has many eclectic acting credits to his name and broad journalistic experience, working for mainstream newspapers, independent publications and freelancing for numerous titles, as well as extensive work in media relations and flexing his dulcet tones as a radio announcer.

Chris is the author of the novel Journo’s Diary and the Doctor Who short story One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, as well as the short story Vampires of the Night, a spin-off using characters from the classic era of Doctor Who (both published in official licensed collections). His plays SMS Mess, Which One?, Reality Matters, Pickles, The Bonza Land of Oz, Appetite for Destruction, Who’s Your Daddy? and King Bling have been published in the collection SMS Mess and other plays.

The plays have received various accolades, including:

  • SMS Mess described as a “miniature masterpiece” by The Drum Media magazine, and was included in PICA’s Putting on an Act final night best-of showcase performance in 2008. It was also a finalist in Short+Sweet Brisbane 2009 and Short+Sweet Melbourne 2009.
  • Which One? was winner of the Encouragement Award for Writing at the 1994 Bunbury One-Act Drama Festival.
  • Reality Matters was selected by Blacktown City Theatre for its 4shorts program of 10 plays – entries came from Canada, Japan, Australia and the United States. This was the only Australian entry selected to be performed.
  • Appetite for Destruction was short-listed as one of the 18 finalists for the 4shorts program.
  • The Bonza Land of Oz was performed in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, for Australia Day celebrations on January 26, 2008 and described as a “small original gem” by The Golden Mail.
  • Who’s Your Daddy? was performed as part of Artrage’s 24-Hour Project in 2008.
  • Pickles was performed as part of the Blue Room Theatre’s 2010 Solo Spot season.

Chris himself won an excellence in performance award at the 2001 South West Drama Festival for his role in the play Disposal, followed by a best supporting actor award in 2008 for The Return. In 2013, he received the Peter Kemeny Achievement Award at Dramafest, Western Australia’s annual state drama festival, for adapting, co-directing and appearing Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit.