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March 24, 2022 - December 31, 2024


Books by or about our Performing Arts colleagues & friends.

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The Creeds
by Craig Van Waardenburg

The Creeds is a psychological thriller of the first order, a sweeping saga about one family and how their individual proclivities and biases corrupt all with whom they come in contact.

It is the story of Sonia, voluptuous, tortured and depraved, her husband Billy, scarred, damaged and completely corruptible and their two unfortunate children. Stuart, mischievous and cunning, born from Sonia’s first marriage to the drunken wife beating Harvey, the man with ‘the biggest swinging dick Sonia had ever seen’. And Butler, doomed, dangerous and twisted, born from Billy’s first marriage. His greatest love, tragically torn from them both in the cruellest way. All four are ‘damaged goods’ in one way or another who live largely tortured lives, unknowingly destroying and infuriating others along the way until, in a fitting end, tragedy strikes and takes its justice from the group.

The story is also a salacious insight into the seedy world of the drug and sex scene where people like Sonia can, in the frequent absences of her travelling husband, drop her mask of ‘normality’ and satisfy her most carnal desires. As a result, the two boys grow up conflicted and tormented.

Sonia’s proclivities draw not only herself but by association her family into the seedy underbelly of the drug trade and the dark and murky world of the no holds barred under world sex scene. All with tragic consequences aided and abetted by the likes of Nigel Sweetman the paedophile predator and Blair Needle the toad like pot bellied proprietor of Eros Naturalist Club. The denouement, when it comes, is both shattering and, in the best tradition of Greek tragedy, very much unexpected.

www.thecreedsbook.com  >  website live soon

Boudoir Photography Secrets
by Kate Sanders

The Complete Guide to Luxury Boudoir for Real Women 40+

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful“. – Sofia Loren

This book is dedicated to all real women out there with curves, bumps, freckles, and markings of a life well lived. You’re beautiful and perfect just the way you are. It’s an honor to photograph you, and to capture your beauty and essence in these images. You are the reason I do what I do, celebrating your life, its inner and outer beauty, with photos that capture your essence.

This book is for every woman who has dreamed of getting her photos taken in discerning light, with sexy lingerie, while holding a glass of bubbly. All the questions you were afraid to ask are covered here, including some more questions you are yet to think of. This book is the ultimate guide to understanding, booking, and planning a sexy boudoir photo shoot for yourself.

As a boudoir photographer, I’ll walk you through the procedure I have for my clients to help you plan the perfect experience, wherever you may be. I travel globally to meet and photograph clients if you want to hire me directly. My contact details are in this book.

This book is dedicated to women living their best life in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, who are ready to celebrate themselves, and all they’ve done in their life and embrace their bodies – to capture the moment with boudoir photography.

Contemplating a boudoir session can feel daunting and have you asking many questions, being curious, and really wanting an honest review from someone who has done it before.

I aim to provide you with these answers and information so you can book your boudoir photography session with me or a photographer you already know.

Throughout this book, I’ll share short stories of past clients’ journeys, what to expect, how to make the most of your session, and the most frequently asked questions.

I photograph women from all walks of life. My specialty is boudoir for women in their 40’s to 60’s. This age group gives me the most satisfaction because they love seeing the transformation that happens before their eyes. It’s gratifying to be a part of making other women feel empowered through my photography.

My clients get a bespoke luxury experience; we call it a celebrity-styled boudoir because you’re the star on the set, and everything is made for you, to your liking and taste.

Whether you’re seeking at-home, studio, outdoors, or destination photography, please feel free to reach out and learn more at www.vergestudio.com.au

Lethbridge-Stewart: Blue Blood
 by Chris Thomas

An official spin-off from the classic era of Doctor Who and sequel to Vampires of the Night.

People go missing every day. It’s an unfortunate part of life, and tragic for the families involved. But when bodies of the missing start turning up, as if ripped apart by wild animals, the Fifth Operational Corps is called in to investigate.

Sergeant Major Samson Ware and Captain Bill Bishop head to Newcastle, after a spike in the missing persons’ reports, and form an alliance with young photographer Gary Merrin in an effort to uncover the truth.

Meanwhile, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Anne Travers try to find the recently returned Professor Ted Travers, who himself seems to have disappeared. Their investigations lead them to a World War II veteran, who is a shadow of his former self.

How are the disappearances linked to an experiment from the past? And just what is the connection with the missing Professor Travers?

Leonard the Lonely Duck by Chris Thomas

Leonard The Lonely Duck

Scared and alone, he tries to make new friends among the different animals he meets. But in this classic duck-out-of-water tale, he soon finds himself to be very lonely.

Will Leonard ever find a friend in this new world? Or will he be Leonard, the lonely duck, forever?

Join Leonard as he waddles about, looking for help and just a little bit of kindness.

Signed copies of Leonard The Lonely Duck are available in Australia for $20 (plus $3.60 postage) via the author at email here or unsigned from tinyurl.com/leonardlonely.

Start: March 24, 2022
End: December 31
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