Fremantle Performing Artists presents "Love and Music"


Roxy Lane Theatre
cnr Ninth Ave & Roxy Lane, Maylands

Performance Dates:
September 26, 27, 28, 29+
October 4, 5, 6+


All evening shows at 7.30pm
+date includes Sunday matinee at 2pm

$26 Full, $21 Concession,
$16 Child Under 14yrs
Groups 10+ @ $21 each
Family 4 (2A+2Ch) = $74
Family 5 (2A+3Ch) = $85

transaction fees apply

TAZ Tix 9255 3336



Fremantle Performing Artists present

"Love and Music"

an original comedy drama
written by Brenton Foale with Mazey O'Reilly and Oliver Temby
Directed by Brenton Foale


Love, music and laughter.

Fremantle Performing Artists present a new stage play at Maylands Roxy Lane Theatre with Love and Music, an original comedy/drama with mild adult themes. The show will open their two week season with a charity performance on September 26 with all proceeds being donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  

Written by Brenton Foale, with Oliver Temby and Mazey O'Reilly the play revolves around Steve, a reserved video shop owner who has been living with his lawyer girlfriend Simone for a couple of years, who feels stifled by Steve’s lack of ambition and self-centredness.

At a recent Christmas party, Simone met Andy Robinson, a FIFO worker who reeks of confidence, a personality trait that Steve lacks.

After a disagreement, Simone leaves Steve for Andy, sending his life into a crumbling whirlwind of torment and suffering.

With the help of his sister and his best friends, Steve discovers how self-centred he has always been and learns how to be a better man.

But can he change in time to save his relationship with Simone? Or will he lose her to Andy forever?

Writer and director Brenton Foale says his love of romantic comedies, dramas and underdogs winning against the bullies inspired him to create Love and Music.

“After our hugely successful stage production of The Breakfast Club last year and drawing on my love for romantic comedies of the 80s and 90s - Mazey O’Reilly, Oliver Temby and I teamed up together and we’re excited with our results”.

Foale’s career in theatre, film and television spans four decades, including roles in Neighbours in the late 80s to The Legend of Ben Hall in 2016. After moving from Melbourne to Perth two years ago, Foale decided to form Fremantle Performing Artists theatre group.

Foale also writes and directs for film and stage with many projects on the go including the soon to be released action film A Promise Carved in Flesh and is about to commence filming a feature film Iniquitous.

“People will love Love and Music and will see many of my ‘Easter Eggs’ (surprises) in the way the play is performed”, he said.

Opening night, 26th September, is a charity performance with all proceeds being donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. All tickets for the charity performance are at the special price of only $21 each.


James Garces, Mazey O'Reilly, Belinda Harris, Oliver Temby, Harry Bell, Denim Piche, Charlize Mills, Keri Neale, Ashlee McKenna, McLane Catterall and Caity Rose.



ARENAarts presents "Little Women" - Nov 15-30

Roxy Lane Theatre
cnr Ninth Ave & Roxy Lane, Maylands

Performance Dates:
November 15, 16, 17*, 22, 23, 24*, 28, 29, 30


Evning shows @ 8pm
Sunday Matinees @ 2pm
Doors open 30 min prior
Cash bar only

$22 Full, $16 Concession,
Groups 10+ $15 each

TAZ Tix 9255 3336



ARENA Arts presents

"Little Women"

Adapted for the stage from the classic novel by Peter Clapham
Written by Louisa May Alcott
Directed by Christine Ellis

Little Women is the first book, which spans from one Christmas to the next in Victorian times. A timeless classic.

The story of Little Women, Louisa M. Alcott's famous novel, is so well known and so well loved that it is hardly surprising that many attempts have been made to portray its characters upon the stage. None has yet been so successful, however, as this brilliant dramatization by Peter Clapham.

The structure of the play faithfully covers that of the novel, interweaving the lives of the March girls, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, and Laurie, the boy next door, as they grow up happily together - whilst battling poverty and awaiting the news of the fate of their father who is fighting the Civil War.

All the overtones of gaiety and the undertones of sadness are here, bringing the story completely to life in a way which is both accurate and dramatically satisfying.


More info soon















KADS presents "Little Red Riding Hood" - A Pantomime

KADS Theatre
Town Square Theatre
6 Central Mall, Kalamunda

Performance Dates:
November 15, 16F, 17*, 20, 22, 23F, 24*,
27, 29, 30


All shows at 8pm
*Except Sunday matinees at 2pm
F = Fish & Chip Supper Nights

Tickets vary
Wed & Fri - Full $21 Conc $18
Sat Fish & Chips Supper - One price $31
Sat 30th - Full $21 Conc $18
Sun Matinees - All tickets $16




KADS Theatre present

Little Red Riding Hood - A Pantomime

a pantomime by K.O. Samuel
Directed by Anita Bound

The classic fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood comes to life as an audience-interactive pantomime for the whole family, with a fun ensemble cast of witches, wolves, fairies, princes and villagers!


More info soon





















Harbour Theatre presents "The Ghost Train"


Harbour Theatre @ Camelot
16 Lochee St, Mosman Park

(indoor theatre)

Performance Dates:
December 6, 7, 8*, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15*


All shows at 7.30pm
*except Sunday's at 2pm

$25.50 Full, $23.50 Concession,
$20.50 F/T Students,
Groups 10+ @ $20 each

transaction fees apply

TAZ Tix 9255 3336



Harbour Theatre presents

The Ghost Train

a comedy thriller by Arnold Ridley
Directed by Ann Speicher


Dubbed as one of the world's scariest plays, Harbour Theatre will present the thrilling murder mystery The Ghost Train for their final season for 2019. The Ghost Train tells the tale of a group of hapless passengers stranded for the night in a remote and haunted Cornish railway station in 1930s England.

Written in 1923 by Arnold Ridley (famous for playing the doddery Godfrey in Dad's Army) The Ghost Train is regarded as a modern minor classic.




Ben Lowther, Liam Crrevola, Rob Jackson, Tom Rees, Andrea O'Donnell, Solonje Burns, Tina Barker, Meredith Cook, Paul Cook, Marcus McGavock, Jamie Lang

















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