Harbour Theatre presents "Pardon Me, Prime Minister"

Harbour Theatre
16 Lochee St, Mosman Park

March 10, 11, 12*, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19*

All shows at 7.30pm
*except Sunday's at 2pm

$25.50 Full
$23.50 Conc
F/T Student &
Child U15
+ transaction fee

Bookings: TAZ Tix 9255 3336



Harbour Theatre presents

"Pardon Me, Prime Minister"

written by Edward Taylor & John Graham
Directed by Ann Speicher


Pardon me, but is it seemly for a Prime Minister to have half naked women prancing around the prime ministerial office?

Apparently so in Pardon Me, Prime Minister, a hilarious farce directed by Ann Speicher and written by well- known British playwrights and actors Edward Taylor and John Graham being presented by Harbour Theatre as their first production for their 2017 season.

Farcical romps involving the highest in the land are always good for a laugh and Harbour Theatre’s production of Pardon Me, Prime Minister is no exception.

We all know parliamentarians can be boring and have a lack of humour in performing their duties but this play takes them on a journey of revelations about their younger lives and some facts they would prefer be left in the closet which gives way to a hilarious chain of events.

Director Ann Speicher has gathered together a superb cast. She states “Farce, and indeed comedy, depends upon timing with snappy dialogue and with four doors and endless ins and outs everything needs to be spot on. Mistime an entrance and either it is a disaster for the next scene in the script or a shuddering halt in the pace.”

Speicher continues “I have a cast that has spot on comic timing so essential in this production. With politics being in the spotlight recently a farce where politicians and politics are the butt of all the jokes with virtually every twist and turn leaving them squirming and desperately tap-dancing to regain their footing on their career, guarantees a great night out for audiences.”

Prime Minister George Venables is in his office on the eve of a somewhat puritanical budget to be handed down by his dour and humourless Chancellor of the Exchequer Hector Crammond MP.

The self-righteous Crammond wants to ban gambling, booze, smoking, pornography, strip clubs, sex in all its public forms and any hint of nudity on stage by taxing them out of existence – the latter being an unfortunate choice given the amount of flesh about to be exposed as the play progresses.

Throw in a red dress which half the cast seem to wear at some point or another, a floating bra, and startling revelations from a party conference long ago, not to mention damning evidence from blood groups, and it’s the old, old story of public figures and skeletons in cupboards.

Alan Morris, Jarrod Buttery, Tom Rees, Maree Stedul, Tina Barker, Mona Ashfar, Grace Mitchin and Sue Murray







Old Mill Theatre presents "Design for Living"

Old Mill Theatre
cnr Mends St & Mill Point Rd
South Perth
(opp Windsor Hotel)

Performance Dates:

April 21, 22, 23*, 27, 28, 29, 30*, May 3, 4, 5, 6

Times: All shows at 8pm
* except Sunday @ 2pm

Tickets: Full $25, Conc $20

Bookings: 9367 8719


Old Mill Theatre presents

"Design for Living"

An elegant, sparkling, wickedly witty romantic comedy.

by Noel Coward
Directed by Barry Park

Design for Living is a wickedly witty dark romantic comedy by Noël Coward.

Initially banned in the UK, this provocative play portrays three amoral, glib and stylish characters and their hopelessly inescapable, if also unconventional, emotional entanglement.

From 1930s bohemian Paris to the dizzying heights of Manhattan society, a tempestuous love triangle unravels between vivacious interior designer Gilda, playwright Leo and artist Otto – three people unashamedly and passionately in love with each other.

With Coward’s trademark piquant style, this lively, funny but also atypical play looks at dazzling, egotistical creatures and their self-destructive dependence on each other.

Nyree Hughes, Jeffrey Watkins, Paul Reed, Neale Paterson, Julie Holmshaw, Ellis Kinnear, Charlie Young, Rebecca Caldwell and Praveen Hooda.













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